My Story

Hello, I'm Susie Doerksen. 

I am a Texas-born Canadian, farm girl, mountain and lake enthusiast, wife to a wonderful husband, and a new mom to a precious baby girl. 

I live in an incredibly small town, in the beautiful province of Alberta, a place filled with wonders of nature and equally wonderful people, all calling to be photographed. 

I love to document special moments, people, and places. I have always had a camera with me for as long as I can remember; I was, and still am, the girl who wanted to capture every special moment on film so I could look back on it later and relish in the joy of the memory over and over. Over the years I eventually graduated from point-and-shoot camera’s and iPod photos to my first DSLR purchased with my hard earned tips at a local bakery. With this purchase came the desire to share my gift and passion with the world around me. I am a firm believer in God-given passions and talents and I believe He has instilled this desire in me and blessed me with the skills to create beautiful and everlasting images of His wonderful creations (aka YOU!). 

I love to travel so take me anywhere for your sessions! Contact me with your ideas and goals and I will do my utmost to make them a reality.