Susie Heinrichs: Winter Wonderland

This lovely lady contacted me one bright snowy morning in hopes of getting a few updated portraits for her mission profiles and blog. I was happy to oblige as I hadn't had the opportunity to get out the camera to capture this beautiful winter wonderland nearly as much as I had desired to. The freshly fallen snow mixed with the beaming personality of this lovely friend of mine has made this shoot one of my favorite to date.

A Junkyard Portrait Session

Today's model is a close friend and cousin of mine and it was a real pleasure to work with her bubbly personality and joyful outlook on life in this mini session. She is an absolute natural behind the camera which made my job tremendously easier! Most of the time when the word junkyard comes to mind, the phrases "winter wonderland" or "stunning portrait session" don't always follow in the same train of thought but Susie wanted to try something fun and different! There really is something so enchanting about a fresh blanket of snow that can bring even the most dreary scenes to life; I may be biased since I love the snow and winter here in Alberta so much but hey, that's just me.

A funny tale and photography life lesson was learned during this shoot as well! Halfway through the session we were interrupted by a very disgruntled property owner who was tired of trespassers wreaking havoc on his property. Alas, we were not there to cause any trouble and after we successfully convinced the gentlemen of this, he let us continue on our way, but not without the coincidental appearance of an officer! It's safe to say I have realized it is always in everybody's best interest to contact property owners so as not to cause any disturbances!

Mishaps and all, we braved the cold and this shoot came out beautifully.

Thank you Susie for being such a gorgeous model and giving me the privilege of photographing you!

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