Ernesto & Nancy

Updated: Feb 19

A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Take a moment to scroll through this beautiful winter wonderland wedding set in a middle of no where small prairie town.

"We introduce the love story of two souls, one a volunteer firefighter, and the other a kindergarten school teacher. Their paths crossed in a summer job as teenagers; he was new to the quiet little town she had spent her whole life in. Little did they know, only 3 short years later, he would pop the question in the exact spot they held hands for the first time. Their's is an innocent, beautiful love, brought together by their love for their Saviour. This love shone so deeply as they laid eyes on each other for the first time on their special day, their laughter bouncing over the snow; and as they tearfully exchanged their meaningful vows, in the presence of their closest friends and family."

Nancy and Ernesto's wedding day was a beautiful representation of their individual strengths and desires brought together. From the intricate lace detailing of her dress to the classy leather watch on his wrist, all the details of their day were just right and perfect. This lovely couple's entourage was clearly their "ride or die" crew and watching them shower the couple of the hour with cherished memories and adoration was heart warming. Speaking of warmth, after a frigid few hours taking portraits, the adorably unique poutine bar was the best touch to top off the end of the night!

Join me in wishing these wonderful newlyweds the utmost of blessings and love as they start their new journey together!

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