Headshots: The Modern Day Business Card

Let's talk headshots and business portraits.

Many people only associate headshots with actors, but now that social media and an online presence play such a huge role in the success of any business, it is absolutely vital to be seen often and at the best version of yourself. Potential customers are looking at you, the face of your company, to see who you are and how you conduct your business. They want to see that you are willing to invest in quality and go the extra mile in customer service. A professional portrait showcasing the friendly face(s) behind your products ensures your potential customers have the assurance of knowing and trusting your business and your products. Unprofessional, awfully lit images portray a cheap and unreliable source. Why should your consumers believe you are willing to go the extra mile and adhere to the highest standard when it pertains to your products and services if you aren't doing the same in every area of your business? Whether you are a web designer, a lawyer, a blogger, a hairdresser, or a DIY Etsy seller your image needs to portray who you are and what you offer.

These photos I took recently of this lovely blogger were a classy business portrait style, fun and unique but classy and professional nonetheless; just like her. We chose a lovely, modern local work space called The Hive in Lethbridge, Alberta for these portraits. Business portraits are a slightly more casual version of professional headshots and can be taken on-location at your place of work or at any other location of your choice. This style of portraits is geared towards showcasing the uniqueness of you and what you have to offer in your business. Professional headshots, on the other hand, are mainly a professional representation of the faces that power your business.

Here at EWO Photographs, we offer both options; business portraits, either on-location or a location of your choice, and professional headshots. Please contact us for package options and pricing.

Let us help you put your best face forward.


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