Ruth Wieler: Graduating Class of 2019

Have I mentioned before how much I love photographing seniors?? If not, well I sure do! The inner model in me just loves bringing out the inner model in my seniors! And who doesn't love getting dressed up really fancy and being the center of attention for a few hours?? R and I had so much fun together during this session! I never wanted it to end. In fact my throat was hoarse from talking and laughing after! Scroll down to catch a glimpse of this awesome session!

This beautiful girl is headed to nursing school in the fall and I could not be more excited for her that she is pursuing her dreams! At our consultation before her shoot she expressed her desire to attain her nursing degree and pursue a dream of serving overseas in missions before settling down to a career locally and I just love that. You go girl!

As I mentioned, I usually try to do a consultation with my senior clients before the session so I can get to know them beforehand and better understand who they are so I can depict that in their photos. In my business I strive towards creating images that are a reflection of who the person is and not just posed images that are similar to every other session out there! I also love making these sessions a full "event", especially for the ladies! In my style & prep guide (included in every session) I detail how to best prepare for the session and how to ensure you feel as pampered and relaxed as possible! Nails, hair, makeup, the whole works! Graduating high school is a huge step in every young person's life so why not celebrate it to the max!

Thank you so much R for allowing me to capture some images of you at this momentous occasion and I wish you all the best in your future goals!


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